10 of the Most Exciting New Tech Products from CES 2017

If you want to keep up with the up and coming latest tech products, then the place to be in CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. This show takes place every January in Las Vegas, NV in the US and all of the major brands showcase and demonstrate the newest tech products, most of which haven’t even launched yet, but are getting ready to go to market. This year, CES was 5 – 8 January, 2017. We saw some great innovations in the area of smartphones, IoT devices, cars, smarthome technology, mobile electronics, and more. We at Selby Acoustics always pay close attention to the tech products that will affect our offerings in the areas of home theatre sound and television. The Consumer Electronics Show did not disappoint with so many exciting new products and state-of-the-art technology that will be available in the very near future. Here are 10 of the most exciting new tech products we saw at CES 2017.

  1. Wireless Samsung Speaker and Soundbar: First on our list, of course, would be something related to acoustics. It is Samsung’s newest wireless audio products. The Wireless Speaker H7 and the Samsung Soundbar MS750. The Wireless Speaker H7 allows users to access their playlist and stream music wirelessly with a wide sound range thanks to the 32bit UHQ Audio Technology. The Samsung Soundbar features a built-in subwoofer that looks sleek and is a big space saver without compromising any sound. It’s the first Soundbar that has the subwoofer built-in. It also utlises Samsung’s 32bit UHQ Technology and gives you an extremely powerful home cinema sound. Plus, it can be paired with the Samsung Smart Remote Control which gives you all the best home theatre features right at your fingertips.
  2. LG Signature OLED W7: What makes this new LG television so exciting is how think and lightweight it is. LG is calling its newest model the “lightest, thinnest, and most beautiful TV on the planet”. The OLED W7 features a width of only 2.57 mm thin and it runs webOS 3.5, which is LG’s custom TV software. It is available in 65 or 77 inch models.
  3. Nvidia’s “the Shield”: Nvidia updated the Android-powered Shield TV Box, referred to as just “the Shield”. The features now include full 4K HDR and it streams Netflix in HDR plus limited YouTube content in 4K. Also available in 4K streaming are Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, and streams games all in 4K.
  4. HTC Vive: The HTC Vive also announced an upgrade rather than a brand new product; but that doesn’t make this any less exciting for wireless streaming. That is because this upgrade means wireless virtual reality capabilities. In related news, HTC launched the world’s first VR subscription service that is like “Netflix for virtual reality”.
  5. Amazon Alexa-Powered Devices: Amazon Alexa is a vessel for many of the distributors at CES. The show was filled with many different product announcements for devices that are powered by Amazon’s Alexa. Soon, you will be able to buy all kinds of technology that communicates with or is powered Alexa. The products cross over all different categories including Alexa-power refrigerators, Alexa-powered lights, and all kinds of other smart home technology devices that will work in conjunction with Alexa.
  6. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop: Dell’s latest in hybrid laptop technology will be in the field to compete with the likes of the Windows Surface and other similar laptop – tablet hybrids. The hinged feature allows for it to be a laptop, tablet, or stand in a tent shape. It has a 13 inch screen, which makes it the smallest 2-in-1 laptop hybrid model. Don’t worry, the small size doesn’t mean it is small in the power department though. It comes with an Intel Core i7 processor and a super long battery life. It’s available in Full HD or Quad HD display and comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner for state-of-the-art security.
  7. Blackberry Mercury: This is exciting news for Blackberry fans. The newest smartphone from Blackberry comes from TCL and has the familiar QWERTY display that Blackberry users known and love almost as much as the high end security features like a fingerprint scanner and more.
  8. Asus ZenFone AR: This phone is exciting because it is made to integrate with Google’s makes this phone a new technology trifecta. The Asus ZenFone AR is planned for market release in the 2nd Quarter of 2017.
  9. Honor 6X: The Honor 6X smartphone is exciting not for it’s state-of-the-art features, but for its amazingly low price tag at just £225/ $250. Most of the specs on this phone are average, but give you a big bang for your buck at the low price. However, it still does have a few bells and whistles with a dual-camera configuration, Full HD resolution on a 5.5 inch screen, a fingerprint scanner, the Kirin 655 processor and either 3GB or 4GB RAM.
  10. Faraday Future: “The Car of the Future” from Faraday Future probably created the most buzz before and during CES. There wasn’t a prototype or model available for the show and you can only preorder it with a deposit now for next year’s launch. All we really know about this exciting new development is that the car of the future will be both a smartcar and electric.

As you can see, there were plenty of exciting new products and devices announced at CES 2017. Attendees got to see prototype demonstrations and see the products first hand. This year certainly looks promising when it comes to new wireless technology, better, clearer sound for audio products, thinner and lighter devices or televisions, and smarter or faster technology. Stay tuned to more news coming out of CES and from these and other manufacturers that are developing cutting edge products to make our lives easier and more convenient all the time.

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